We work to build bonds in our communities by helping users connect with authentic culture, music, and food. We strive to empower minority business owners so they can have opportunities that will help them grow.

The perfect business for your next event


We’ve done the heavy lifting of finding amazing local vendors in the Latino community. Find the vendor that’s a perfect match to your upcoming event’s vibe. We’ve got the connect for your taquiza, smoked meats, mariachi, banda, chair rentals, and much much more!

Enterprises can now use Tildem Seeker

Companies are always looking to expand their reach in their communities. Whether it is supporting local entrepreneurs or trying diverse foods from the area. Let Tildem handle finding the best vendor for your business’ upcoming event. We’re ready to connect through a video call, email, or phone. Tell us a bit about your objectives and we’ll handle the matchmaking so you can focus on business productivity. So whether you’re looking for an artist to perform at your next corporate event or if you’re thinking of new foods for next Friday’s Food Cart, Tildem can deliver! Contact us today to learn more about our TILDEM SEEKER service.

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